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TIGERHOME 1/6 figures

Croc Eater
Nick Stone SAS
Black Widow (slightly NSFW!)
John Mason Taskforce 141

Here is another crazy custom idea by me, I want to transfor the Hasbro Hummer into a custom SAS (Special Air Service). Offcourse it would be ow so cool to have a 1/6 Landrover loaded with SAS, but that's still a dream. Instead I'm trying to make an as real as possible Rec. Jeep used by four SAS members.

Ok, let's get started. The first jeep that came as close to an SAS Landrover was the Hummer made by Hasbro. The Hummer is really nice, the scale is the best I have seen (I read that it's about 4% off).
The jeep came with a "real" fiering grenade launcher. The hood, doors and tailgate can be opened. It also came with two mirrors and a GI Joe figure. Ok that's that, now let's get busy.
--pic of the standard Hasbro Hummer--


How did I start? Well just go and surf the internet for reference pics, read books, surf some more and alot of imagination. Again this project is based on my own ideas so please don't email me about non-correct items what so ever. (I know, nag nag nag). I'm trying to make things as correct as possible, nothing is fantasy, every item can exist in these days.
Here's a list of things I'm going to work on, you can click each subject to see how it is done, enjoy!!!

DISASTER!!! I was almost finished weathering the jeep, and I found out that it just doen't look right. So I (finally) decided to repaint it. All the paint has to be tripped, and every bit has to be repainted and weathered (this time a little less).
Man this is taking forever, but I still enjoy doing it :)


1. Interior

2. Body Work

3. The Engine and wheels

4. The Crew

All stuff has been Copyrighted by Tigerhome.