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The Engine and wheels

TIGERHOME 1/6 figures

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Nick Stone SAS
Black Widow (slightly NSFW!)
John Mason Taskforce 141

TIP! Before painting wash the plastic with some soap and water. The paint will stick better on a clean surface.


Ok here we go, the engine. Before I saw a particular topic on the OSW I wasn't going to upgrade the engine. But when I saw some pics of the same engine upgraded I knew I wanted to do the same thing.
So after collecting some pics I started to play.
The engine and piece of the front was screwed loose from the under side. Than I taped the parts that didn't need to be painted. I want to make the engine black and all the rest desert tan. I started with the desert tan. The color is Tamiya TS-46 Light Sand spraypaint. But before that I gave it a ground layer, light gray.
little area's where the spraypaint hardly can get were filled using Model Masters British Gulf LT Stone. They are almost the same color.


This is how it looks so far...alot of work to do.


The wheels


Time for the wheels. 4 wheels + one spare. I didn't like the way the wheels look, to much like a toy. So I decided to spent hours and hours to correct them, here is what I changed:
There are three rings with nuts and bolts and a valve. I drilled out the nuts/bolts of ring 1 and 2 and also the valve.
A: I made small nuts/bolts, 2.0 mm diameter. 12 nuts/bolts a wheel, so a total of 60.
B: Slightly bigger nuts/bolts are used here, 2.5 mm diameter. 8 a wheel, the spare tire does not have these so 32 total.
C: I glued 3.0 mm nuts on top of the old ones. 4 a wheel so 16 total
D: Drilled out valve, I used a small plastic stick from a Q-tip and a small metal pin to make a better looking valve.

Well when I completed the first wheel I wasn't to happy about it, I removed the inner 3 mm nuts (c). They look better now :)

Ok ready to paint--> I first washed the wheel with some water and soap, after it was dry I taped the tire. take your time for this step, it's really important that you tape correct, if you don't, the spraypaint will get under the tape and will waist the tire. So take your time or you have to spraypaint a dozen time.




All stuff has been Copyrighted by Tigerhome