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helmet crest on black

John Mason Taskforce 141

TIGERHOME 1/6 figures

Croc Eater
Nick Stone SAS
Black Widow (slightly NSFW!)
John Mason Taskforce 141

Cpt. John Mason, Task Force 141, B Section. Fighting alongside Cpt. Price (A section) Cpt. Mason is a highly respected operator in TF 141.

Here is what I did:
I started with the ToysCity SBS figure. The body is BBI G3.5. I cut off the forearm and glued on the forearms of the ToysCity figure. I did the same with the feet only they are SideshowToys.
I shortened the neck a bit and midified it on a BBI one. I padded the legs with some foam to give it a bulky look.
Boots: weathered.
Trousers: Barrack Sargeant, weathered.
Knee pads: Hot Toys, weathered.
Drop Down holster: Toys City, weathered.
Drop down other leg: VeryHot Toys, weathered.
Jacket: Toys City, weathered. Padded the pockets, glued on the flag.
Beanie: Toycs City, weathered, glued some parts to make it look cool.
Vest: Hot Toys, customized it from different bits, weathered.
Radio: midified Hot toys, Toys City. Custom earpiece. Weathered.
Pistol and mag: Toycs City weathered.
Scar: Hot Toys, partially repainted and weathered.
SAW: modified DML, aded the scope and butt. Repainted and weathered.
To bad the pictures do not show all the details.
I repainted the hands, added color to the vains and nails. Repainted the head to make him look younger.








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