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helmet crest on black

The Interior

TIGERHOME 1/6 figures

Croc Eater
Nick Stone SAS
Black Widow (slightly NSFW!)
John Mason Taskforce 141

The first thing I did was to strip the intire car. If you are planning do to that I suggest you make some kind of plan. I made a little book where I described how I stripped it. I wrote down what kind of screw to put where etc. I gave all screws numbers so they can't get lost and I will be able to put it together without any problems (I hope).
After that I started on the seats, there are four seats, they can easily be removed by removing three screws. I didn't like the molded on seatings so the first step was to cut them off. After that, alot of sanding to make them all smooth. I gave every seat a number.
Number 1 is the drivers seat, and the driver sits on the right in the vehicle. You rembered I was referring to a SAS jeep? Jup steering had to be on the right. I also cut alot off the bottom to make the seat lower, this way the figure fits better.
Number 2 is the seat of the bloke who sits left of the driver. His main job is to help to navigate and operating the radio.
Number 3 is the seat stationed behind number 2, the soldier also mounts the .50 on the top of the jeep.
And number 4 is for the guy who shoots badguys that are following them. His seat will be placed in the back and turned 180 degrees. I raised the seat with 3 cm so the figure will fitt nicely.
Now the seatings. I made them out off old foam, some green cloth and alot off superglue. I cut the foam in shape and put the cloth on it, than I glued the edges onto the foam and voila, ready is freddy.
Every seat has a back plate and will be painted Tamiya Light Sand TS-46.


Picture above showing an almost completed seat.


Picture above showing the standard seat on the left, the seat that goes on the back in the middle and on the right the driver's seat.


As you know the seat on the back of the jeep is raised, I smoothed the corners using Magic Sculp.


As you can see the steering is on the right now. Still a long way to go...


Finally the steering part is ready,well the basic color that is. Alot more work to be done, next step is weathering.


All stuff has been Copyrighted by Tigerhome.