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Hi there and welcome to my site.
You can find here everything about my 1/6 world.
On this site I'm showing you the "how to's".
Everything I (try) to make will be shown here.
I have alot of projects running and the work in progress can be followed under the project page.

Website launched: 1st January 2004
Last update:
November 2012: to busy to do 1/6 lately, but I'm still in the game :)

December 2010: New figure! Cpt. John Mason, Task Force 141. Check it out under the Custom Figures 4 page!
October 2010: a new figure added, inspired by the new medal of honor game. It's under the Cutom figures 3 page!
July 2010: disaster, the weathering job on the jeep just doesn't look right, I decided to repaint everything.
March 2010: I finished a new figure, check it out under the custom figures page 2!!
March 2010: my first update in 2010! Again some updates on my Jeep.
March 2009: more updates on the hummer-> bodywork, wheels and engine, check it out!
March 2009: Some updates on the hummer. Alot of parts are weathered and I made a racket for the bonet from scrath.
December 2008: I have been busy with my SAS Hummer, all the big parts are painted and I started on the weathering proces. I added a how to link in the SAS Hummer page.
September 2008: The USMC Sniper Team is finished!
May 2008: SAS crew member nr 4 finished.
April 2008: some updates on the SAS Hummer.
September 2007: I finished the third figure of the SAS hummer crew, check it out under the projects page.
August 2007: Finished the second member of the SAS hummer crew.
August 2007: I finished the swivel mount of the GPMG of my SAS hummer.
July 2007: I finished the driver of the SAS hummer, it's under the projects page!
June 2007: more updates on the Hummer page, some time off is coming so that means more time to work on this puppy.
May 2007: Some updates on the USMC sniper team. I also made alot of progress on the SAS hummer, pics of that will come soon.
March 2007: some updates on the SAS hummer, I started the paintjob on the bottom of the vehicle.
January 2007: More updates on the USMC sniper page, I added a how-to on the ghillie suit.
January 2007! First post in 2007 :), some updates on the USMC sniper team, check it out under the projects page!
November 2006: I posted some pictures of my SAS Hummer crew, check it out under the hummer page.
October 2006: Finally some time to work on my jeep again. School work is killing me. Some small updates under the Hummer page.
August 2006: More updates on the SAS Hummer!
June 2006: I updated the SAS Hummer section, check it out under the project page!
May 2006: It's back again, the USMC sniper Team. You can find it under the project page. Still a WIP
February 2006: I bought a new digital camera so finally the quality pics I like. I made some updates on the Commando team, you can find it under the projects page.
January 2006: I have deleted the USMC sniper page and added the "Commando fast respons team" page. It's under the project page. All is WIP
December 2005: Sorry for the lack off updates, my computer crashed (again) and now the digital camera died, argh. I'll fix it soon!
November 2005: Almost no time to work on my 1/6 stuff, school stuff, but I updated some pics of my Hummer crew. It's under the project page and than under SAS Hummer.
September 2005: I added some pics of the seatings, and some WIP pics of the crew, it's all under the SAS Humvee page under the projects, enjoy.
August 2005: Yes another new project, A SAS Hummer, it's under the project page.
3de May: I added the work in progress of my Sniper Team, it's under

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