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helmet crest on black
USMC Sniper Team

TIGERHOME 1/6 figures

Croc Eater
Nick Stone SAS
Black Widow (slightly NSFW!)
John Mason Taskforce 141

Ok it's time for the Ghillie suit. The suit for one man contains ghillie pants, ghillie jacket and ghillie hood.
I am using the BBI pants and Jacket that also came with BBI "Snake".
This is the material I am using, it's the ghillie string stuff that came with BBI sniper "Snake".
I don't like the way it looks, and I don't like the color. My aim is to make it as realistic as possible.


First stap, unravel the strings with a pair of tweezers.



-picture above-
Pull the material through the net that is attached on the pants/jacket.
Than super glue each individual string on to the net. First drop of glue where the arrow is poiting.


-picture above-
Second drop of glue where arrow A is poiting, and the string is fixed.
Arrow B is poiting to some other material I am using. I bought it from OpsGear when they were into 1/6. (not anymore sadly)
I first glue this stuff onto the net and than unravel it.
Not every piece of net is camouflaged with string, I'll let the strings overlap eachother, it will give it a more realistic look instead of a fuzzy the bear look.


-picture above-
This is how the material looks like after the first layer of paint. Here is how I did it: I used Model Masters 1710 E, a type of green paint. I used turpentine to make the paint thinner. Than I applied it with an old sponge. If you plan do use this technic, do this outside or in a well ventilated room!!
When it's dry I'll give it a second layer of paint.


-picture above-
Here are the 2 snipers, the guy on the left is DML Roy, he is the spotter, the guy on the right is DML Larry and he's the shooter.
I made the camopaint myself using different kind of paint, I think it came out really nice.
The heads are glued on BBI G1 necks.



All stuff has been Copyrighted by Tigerhome